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Alternative Projector Lamp / Beamer Lamp Modules – Available From Projector Lamp Experts Europe

Projector Lamps Experts Europe understands that replacing the old or used lamp module in your projector, beamer or rear projection television can be a reasonably expensive task. For this reason, Projector Lamp Experts Europe has made available to its European customers a variety of options when they are shopping for a new replacement lamp module, to make buying a new replacement projector lamp a more affordable undertaking. Projector Lamp Experts Europe is proud to offer European lamp shoppers the choice between a manufacturer original replacement projector or beamer lamp and an excellent value, high quality Original Alternative projector lamp (where one of these Alternative lamp modules is available).

Remember: Be sure that you are aware of the quality of the replacement projector lamp or beamer lamp module that you are planning to buy

When are selecting a replacement lamp module for your beamer projector and you decide to choose a cost effective high value alternative replacement lamp module, it is very important that you make sure that the alternative lamp module you are purchasing is manufactured to acceptable high quality standards.
This is important because replacement beamer projector lamps are manufactured according to especially complex specifications because these types of lamps are required to function at a very high temperature threshold and also a very high pressure level.  This means that it is very important to be confident that the quality of the projector lamp module you are planning to purchase is not compromised in any way.
Replacement lamp products known as copy beamer projector lamp modules (also called “compatible” or “aftermarket” projector lamp modules) are unfortunately often manufactured poorly, and to inadequate quality guidelines, and so these lamps can occasionally create a safety hazard to the owners of the beamer projectors that the lamps are being installed in.
Compatible or copy projector lamp modules can also cause problems in several other areas, as well as the safety risks described above. These types of lower quality replacement lamp modules may also have a reduced operating life time, and reductions in beamer projector lamp performance may also be experienced while the lamp module is functioning.

High Quality and Excellent Value Replacement Lamp Modules from Projector Lamp Experts Europe

Due to the safety risks associated with compatible or copy projector lamp modules that are not manufactured to high quality standards, and also the reductions in lamp life and lamp performance that these types of projector lamps may sometimes experience, Projector Lamp Experts Europe is only able to recommend one highly regarded manufacturer of Original Alternative projector lamp modules. This beamer lamp manufacturing company is called Alternative Lamps Co..
The replacement Original Alternative projector lamp modules manufactured by Alternative Lamps Co. are now being produced for upwards of one thousand beamer projector models. The selection of Original Alternative lamps available is constantly getting larger, due to Alternative Lamp Co.'s state of the art Research and Development centre.

Quality Controlled Original Alternative Beamer Lamp Module Manufacturing

Alternative Lamps Co. supplies projector replacement lamps that are an extremely good value (and also high quality) alternative solution to original replacement projector lamp modules, without infringing on any copyrights or invalidating any projector warranties. Alternative Lamps Co. is able to offer European lamp shoppers a peerless performance to price ratio, and manufactures beamer projector bulbs that are produced to the highest rated ISO9001 standards.

The projector lamp bulbs which are used by Alternative Lamps Co. in the production of their Original Alternative replacement lamps are of the highest quality available, and are often manufactured by professional projector bulb lighting manufacturers, for example Philips, Ushio or Osram. Many Alternative Lamps Co. projector lamp modules even use the same beamer projector bulb specified by the original beamer projector manufacturer, and you can rest assured that every single Alternative Lamps Co. projector lamp module undergoes strict tests on the quality of the lamp and bulb for the following feaures:

  • Projector bulb ignition
  • Projector bulb beam performance
  • Projector lamp voltage
  • Projector lamp lamp connections
  • Projector lamp lamp appearance
  • Projector lamp lamp run time

All of these lamp and bulb quality checks make sure that you can trust the projector lamps that are made by Alternative Lamps Co. to work perfectly in your LCD or DLP beamer projector.

Unbeatable Original Alternative Beamer Lamp Module Warranties

Because of the extremely high manufacturing standards that all Alternative Lamps Co. products are produced to, Projector Lamp Experts Europe is sure that that you will be absolutely happy with the Original Alternative projector lamp you purchase. We back these sentiments up with an unbeatable ninety day warranty that protects our customers in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, the Republic of Ireland and elsewhere in Europe against early projector lamp failure.

Projector Lamps Europe Has the Largest Range of Original Alternative Projector Lamps in the European Union

Projector Lamps Europe is able to supply top quality Original Alternative replacement lamps for upwards of a thousand projector models and beamer models, for all major projector brands. Every Original Alternative replacement lamp module purchased from Projector Lamp Experts Europe is shipped out to our European customers in a specially packed lamp box with a unique serial number. This means that our European customers can be sure that the replacement beamer projector lamp module they have purchased from Projector Lamp Experts Europe is a genuine Alternative Lamps Co. product.

If you would like to find out if there is a great value, high quality Original Alternative projector lamp module available for your model of beamer projector you can visit our Find A Lamp page, or simply select your beamer projector brand and model using the two drop down selection lists that can be found at the top of this web page, and on every other page of the Projector Lamp Experts Europe online store. The resulting web page that loads after you have selected your make and model of projector will show you if an Original Alternative projector lamp module is available for your specific device.

If you should have any questions or comments at all about Alternative Lamps Co. projector lamps, please do not hesitate to give Projector Lamp Experts Europe a call at (+31) 85 888 0135.

Alternative Lamps Co. projector lamp products are exclusively distributed in the European Union by Projector Lamp Experts Europe. If you are a reseller and would like to inquire about trade / reseller discount information, please send an email to

Alternative Lamps: The Genuine Alternative to the Original


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