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Advice on compatible projector lamps, copy beamer lamps and original alternative projector lamps

Manufacturer original replacement projector lamp modules

Those projector lamps that are made by the original manufacturer of the projector (for example, Hitachi, Sony or NEC) are called manufacturer original replacement lamps. These types of replacement beamer lamp modules are produced to extremely high production standards, just like the original beamer projector. European customers can purchase a manufacturer original projector lamp from Projector Lamp Experts Europe for any make or model of beamer or projector.

Compatible projector lamp modules (also known as copy projector lamp modules)

There is another kind of replacement projector lamp module which is sometimes offered along side or instead of manufacturer original projector lamp modules. These types of beamer lamp modules are called either copy projector lamps or compatible projector lamps. Compatible lamps and copy lamps are quite frequently grey market imports and often do not have warranties. Most of the time the quality of manufacturing is not easy to verify since often copy projector lamps and compatible projector lamps are made by projector lamp manufacturing companies that are not properly regulated. You will frequently see compatible beamer lamps and copy beamer lamps sold in lamp boxes that are not properly labeled. Even though the pricing for these projector lamp products may be very low, it is seldom worth risking damage to a projector due to a copy projector lamp module that is faulty.

You may come across copy projector lamp modules and compatible lamp modules being sold without plastic lamp housing - i.e. just the bare projector lamp bulb. These types of projector lamp products are risky to purchase because they can be unsafe, and require some technical knowledge of electrical systems and wiring to be installed properly into the used lamp housing. Even if the bare bulb is installed properly, there can still be issues with things like dust build up and projector lamp connecter wear and tear. Projector Lamp Experts Europe has put together an information section on the dangers of bare beamer lamp bulbs. Please click here for the lamp refurbishment warning page. Projector Lamp Experts Europe has made the decision not to supply any type of copy lamp or compatible lamp in order to protect European lamp shoppers. For a genuine cost effective alternative to manufacturer original lamps, you may want to consider an Original Alternative projector lamp module (see below).

Original Alternative replacement projector lamp modules

Projector Lamp Experts Europe only recommends one manufacturer of replacement projector lamp modules that are an effective alternative to manufacturer original projector lamp modules. Original Alternative projector lamps from Alternative Lamps Co. are an extremely good value genuine alternative to original manufacturer projector lamp modules. These Original Alternative lamps are made to very high ISO9001 production standards and are manufactured in an environment that is quality controlled. Original Alternative lamps are designed to give European projector owners high levels of projector lamp performance at prices that are less expensive than manufacturer original lamps. For additional information about Original Alternative replacement projector lamp modules click here: Projector Lamp Experts Europe Original Alternative Lamps


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