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The Projector Lamp Experts Europe Online Beamer Lamps Glossary

This beamer lamps glossary section from Projector Lamp Experts Europe contains a large selection of words and phrases that are associated with projector lamps, beamer lamps, projector bulbs and beamer bulbs. You should be able to find every definition you need regarding projector lamp and projector technology in this projector lamps glossary.

Projector Lamp Experts Europe Glossary - Beamer lamp terms starting with A

AC Beamer Lamps

AC beamer lamps are specific types of metal halide beamer projector lamps. If a beamer lamp is classified as an AC lamp it means that the beamer lamp in question is a high pressure, mercury arc beamer projector lamp.

Air filter (inside a beamer projector)

LCD beamer projectors and DLP beamer projectors contain an air filter which acts to clean and filter incoming air that is brought into the projector. The air is brought into the projector by the projector fan in order to prevent the projector from overheating. If the projector filter is dirty or becomes clogged with dust, the air brought into the projector by the projector fan may not be able to circulate properly, or it may not be able to get inside the projector at all. This can lead to the projector overheating during operation, resulting in possible early projector lamp failure. Make sure to clean your beamer projector's air filter on a regular basis to ensure normal operation and increase the length of time your projector lamp lasts for.

ANSI lumen beamer projector rating

LCD and DLP beamer projectors can be rated in ANSI lumens - a standardized unit of measure that is used to compare the light output of projectors. The ANSI lumen rating of a projector is generally regarded as giving an adequate indication of the projector's brightness. ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute - the organization which created the lumen unit of measure. A projector is tested for its ANSI lumen rating by taking several light measurements from a number of different angles and then averaging these measurements together. Although the ANSI lumen rating is typically regarded as the best way to test projector light output, this rating will frequently be different to one which is gauged with the human eye. This is due to a number of factors including the beamer projector's contrast ratio, whether the beamer projector uses LCD, DLP or CRT technology, the type of LCD technology being used if the beamer projector is an LCD model, and whether a metal halide beamer projector lamp or a halogen beamer projector lamp is being used.

Projector Lamp Experts Europe Glossary - Beamer lamp terms starting with B

BriteOptic Dual Beamer Lamp system

The BriteOptic dual beamer lamp system is trademarked by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. and is utilized in a select few Panasonic beamer projector models. This type of beamer lamp optical system lets the projector harness the power of a pair of high intensity discharge beamer lamps. Light from both the beamer lamps is channeled by the BriteOptic dual beamer lamp system through a high pressure prism to give superior high definition image quality and ultra high brightness when the projector is in the dual lamp mode setting.

Projector Lamp Experts Europe Glossary - Beamer lamp terms starting with C

Colour temperature (of a beamer lamp)

A beamer lamp's colour temperature is measured in Kelvins and is a measure of how white its lamp light output is. Higher colour temperatures are described as being cool (more green or blue tinted) and lower colour temperatures are described as being warm (more yellow and red tinted). Halogen beamer projector lamps and other incandescent beamer lamps have lower, warmer colour temperatures than higher, cooler colour temperature metal halide beamer projector lamps.

Compatible Beamer Projector Lamps

Please see the Projector Lamp Experts Europe glossary entry for copy beamer projector lamps

Copy Beamer Projector Lamps

The European projector lamp market occasionally has grey market projector lamp products available known as copy beamer projector lamps or compatible beamer projector lamps. It is wise to avoid purchasing these kind of compatible projector lamp products because they are often made by beamer lamp manufacturing companies that are not properly regulated, and seldom come with proper projector lamp warranties. These kinds of replacement beamer lamps, although often very cheap, are not often tested to proper projector lamp manufacturing standards and do not come with packaging that has authentic projector manufacturer labeling. Copy beamer lamps and compatible beamer lamps are frequently sold without the black plastic projector lamp housing (also known as the projector lamp cage) which is the part of the projector lamp module that makes it so user replaceable. Technical experience is necessary to install a bare beamer bulb product of this kind into a projector lamp cage, and unfortunately these types of refurbished projector lamp products are often associated with safety risks. Click here to find out more information on the problems with using bare beamer lamp bulbs. Projector Lamp Experts Europe has made the decision not to supply copy beamer lamps or compatible beamer lamps or bare projector lamp bulbs and does advise that European projector owners install these kinds of projector lamps in their beamer projectors. For cost effective replacement beamer lamp solutions, Original Alternative Lamps are available which offer a lower cost to the European projector lamp shopper without compromising on projector lamp quality.

Contrast ratio (of a beamer projector)

Every model of LCD or DLP beamer in Europe will have a contrast ratio rating. This is the ratio between the black and the white parts of the image that the beamer projector produces. If a model of beamer projector has a high contrast rating it means that in brightly lit environments, the projector is more accurately able to reproduce subtle variances in colour in the image it is projecting. The contrast ratio of a beamer projector is measured in two main ways. Firstly, "on / off" contrast ratio is the difference measured in the projector light output of a totally black image and a totally white image. ANSI contrast ratio on the other hand is when the difference is measured using a grid of sixteen alternating black and white rectangles. In an ANSI contrast ratio measurement, a value is obtained by dividing the average amount of projected light reflected by the white rectangles by the average amount of light reflected by the black rectangles.

Projector Lamp Experts Europe Glossary - Beamer lamp terms starting with D

Dichroic beamer projector lenses

Dichroic beamer projector lenses are projector lenses that refract certain wavelengths of light. These types of projector lenses are usually used in the light engines of projectors to divide the light produced by the beamer projector lamp into its three constituent colours: red, green and blue.

Dichroic beamer projector mirrors

Dichroic projector mirrors are mirrors used in projectors that reflect certain light wavelengths. Dichroic mirrors are used in combination with dichroic lenses in a beamer projector's optical engine in order to divide the light output by the beamer lamp into red, green and blue - its component colours.

Dual beamer projector lamp mode

Many DLP and LCD projector models now come with a dual beamer lamp mode as standard. If a beamer projector has a dual lamp mode it means that the projector can be switched between two different levels of lamp brightness. One of these levels is usually called economy mode, which means that the projector will operate at a lower brightness level which can be up to twenty percent lower than normal beamer lamp operation. If the projector is used in economy lamp mode it means that the life of the beamer lamp will be extended and it will last for longer, even if the image projected is not as bright.

Dual beamer projector lamp system

A dual beamer projector lamp system is a feature of certain higher end models of projector where the projector can use two beamer bulbs. This means that if one beamer lamp happens to expire during an important presentation, the projector just needs to switch over to its back up beamer lamp and the presentation can continue uninterrupted.

Projector Lamp Experts Europe Glossary - Beamer lamp terms starting with E

EHP Beamer Projector Lamp

A type of metal halide beamer projector lamp, EHP stands for Efficient High Power projector lamp.

Projector Lamp Experts Europe Glossary - Beamer lamp terms starting with F

FXL Beamer Projector Lamp

FXL beamer projector lamps are a type of lamp that is typically used in halogen beamer projectors. To save time, many halogen beamer projectors come equipped with two FXL projector lamps because these types of lamps usually last for only forty to fifty hours. With a spare FXL projector lamp equipped, when the first lamp fails the beamer projector operator can simply switch to the second projector lamp with no interruption.

Projector Lamp Experts Europe Glossary - Beamer lamp terms starting with H

Halogen Beamer Projector Lamps

Halogen beamer projectors (which typically have lower lumen ratings than DLP or LCD beamer projectors) use halogen projector lamps that typically work for forty to fifty hours. During this lamp life time halogen projector lamps give out a uniform light output at a warmer colour temperature than their metal halide projector lamp counterparts, which tend to give out bright white light.

Hi Lo Projector Mode

Please see the Projector Lamp Experts Europe glossary entry on dual beamer projector lamp mode

Projector Lamp Experts Europe Glossary - Beamer lamp terms starting with L

Lamp Assembly (Projector Lamp Assembly)

Please see the Projector Lamp Experts Europe glossary entry on Lamp Modules.

Lamp hour counter

A beamer projector's lamp timer or lamp hour counter, if one is present on the DLP or LCD projector, is a device responsible for keeping track of how many hours the projector's lamp has been used for. This helps the owner or operator of the beamer projector to monitor how long their projector lamp may have left to work before it needs to be replaced with a new projector lamp module. Occasionally in newer beamer lamp modules the lamp timer or lamp hour counter may be present on the actual lamp unit itself, rather than the projector.

Lamp Module (Complete Beamer Lamp Module)

Lamp module is a term used to describe a complete beamer lamp module. This is the user replaceable spare projector part which consists of a bare projector lamp installed inside a black plastic projector lamp housing or lamp cage. Replacement beamer projector lamps are most often sold in the complete projector lamp module form. This makes it very simple for European projector owners to replace their projector's lamp unit, simply loosen the appropriate screws on the projector's lamp enclosure, take out the old and used beamer lamp module and then plug the new projector lamp module in. Then tighten the lamp enclosure screws back up before turning your projector on. Some projectors may have a slightly different lamp replacement process, so check your beamer projector's manual for full instructions on replacing the lamp and restarting the projector lamp hour timer.

Lamp only (Bare Bulb)

Lamp only or bare bulb beamer lamp modules are a type of replacement projector lamp that is supplied with just the beamer lamp burner and the projector lamp reflectors, and no projector lamp housing. The projector lamp housing is important for the projector lamp being able to fit in to the projector. It is this housing component that makes a complete projector lamp module so user replaceable because it is very easy to just plug your new beamer lamp module into your projector after removing the old projector lamp. No technical experience is required. If a replacement beamer lamp is supplied without any plastic lamp housing, however, after a European projector owner purchases this bare bulb they will then be required to wire the bare bulb into their old projector lamp's housing. This will require some knowledge of electrical wiring and so Projector Lamp Experts Europe recommends that European projector owners purchase a complete projector lamp module with beamer lamp housing when a new projector lamp is needed for their projector.

Lamp uniformity

A beamer projector lamp's uniformity is a rating of how evenly it scatters the light it produces over a projector screen. If a beamer lamp has a high level of lamp uniformity it means that the lamp distributes its light output very evenly over the projector screen. A beamer lamp's uniformity level can be over ninety percent if the beamer projector has projector lenses that are placed 5mm by 5mm, which will scatter the light from lamp evenly over the entire projector screen surface.

Lux rating

A projector lamp's light output can be measured in lux, which is an older measurement standard for light output. However it is more common that a projector lamp's brightness will be measured with the more modern ANSI lumen standard (see the Projector Lamp Experts Europe section on ANSI lumens for more details)

Projector Lamp Experts Europe Glossary - Beamer lamp terms starting with M

Mercury Halide Replacement Beamer Lamp Module

Mercury halide beamer lamp modules are those projector lamp assemblies that contain a mercury halide projector lamp burner. This is similar to a high pressure mercury projector lamp burner except that in a metal halide projector lamp a small amount of other metal halide compounds is found in the gas mixture of the projector bulb in addition to mercury. The different metal halides are added in order to improve the luminous efficiency and colour properties of the light output by the projector lamp because they fill in the gaps in the spectrum of light that mercury gas on its own is able to produce.

MHE Beamer Lamp Module

An MHE beamer lamp module is a variety of metal halide beamer projector lamp. MHE stands for Metal Halide Efficiency beamer lamp.

Projector Lamp Experts Europe Glossary - Beamer lamp terms starting with N

NSH Beamer Lamp Module

NSH is short for New Short Arc High Pressure beamer lamp. These types of replacement beamer lamp modules are made from crystalline glass which help NSH beamer lamps give out a level amount of brightness throughout the entire projected image area.

Projector Lamp Experts Europe Glossary - Beamer lamp terms starting with O

Original Alternative Replacement Beamer Lamp Modules

There is a cost effective alternative solution to genuine manufacturer original projector lamp modules available for European projector owners. These types of beamer lamps are called Original Alternative beamer lamp modules. Original Alternative beamer lamp modules are made to the same high quality specifications as the beamer lamp modules made by original projector manufacturers. Quality controlled manufacturing processes are in effect to make sure every Original Alternative beamer lamp module is produced to ISO9001 standards. This means that European projector owners can be sure that when they purchase an Original Alternative projector lamp module from Projector Lamp Experts Europe their new beamer lamp module will function flawlessly in their projector.

Alternative Lamps Co. is the leading manufacturer of Original Alternative projector lamps, and Projector Lamp Experts Europe proudly recommends their products for European DLP or LCD projector owners

Projector Lamp Experts Europe Glossary - Beamer lamp terms starting with P


Polarization Conversion Prisms (abbreviated to PCP), are prisms involved with projector technology that were initially developed to solve an issue with the brightness of radiating light. Natural light is composed of multiple elements of light that radiate out in different directions. When this light radiates on a horizontal plane against the direction of projection it unfortunately does not have an effect on the brightness of the projection screen. Polarization Conversion Prism technology works to fix this problem and thus makes a projector lamp perform more efficiently. In fact, using Polarization Conversion Prism technology, a projector lamps efficiency and performance can be doubled.

Projector lamp: usage of the term around Europe

Replacement LCD and DLP beamer lamps are known by several other terms in the various countries of the European Union. These include:

  • projektorlampor fur beamer
  • lampada de projecao
  • lampe a haute pression
  • Metalldampflampe
  • lamppu videoprojektori
  • metal halide projeckter lampemoduler
  • beamerlamp
  • lampara de proyector
  • projector bulb
  • lampe de projecteur
  • Projektorlampe lampe de rechange
  • Metallhalogenlampe
  • lampada de proiettore
  • projektielampen


Osram develops the P-VIP kind of projector lamp burners, which stands for Premium Video Projector Lamp.

Projector Lamp Experts Europe Glossary - Beamer lamp terms starting with Q

Quad beamer lamp arrangement

A quad beamer lamp arrangement is a rarely used projector optical system where the beamer projector has four beamer lamps fitted at once. This enables projectors fitted with a quad beamer lamp arrangement to have a backup lamp available at all times. The quad projector lamp arrangement is only normally used at projection events with extremely large audiences.

Projector Lamp Experts Europe Glossary - Beamer lamp terms starting with S

SHP Beamer Lamp Module

SHP beamer lamps are a type of metal halide beamer projector lamp. SHP stands for Super High Pressure beamer lamp.

Projector Lamp Experts Europe Glossary - Beamer lamp terms starting with T

Turbo Bright Projector System

The Turbo Bright Projector System was originally developed by Canon especially for Canon projectors that were specially used for very brightly lit areas. Canon's Turbo Bright System works by boosting the brightness of the images that the beamer projector produces by using wavelengths of orange light to optimize the light that passes through the projection lens. This can boost the light output of the projector by 25%. Canon's Turbo Bright System uses the opposite principles of many other brands of projector which balance their colour production by actually reducing the amount of orange light produced in the 570mm to 600mm wavelength region. The Turbo Bright System boosts projector light output without affecting the overall colour balance, making it easier to read text data and see vivid images even in brightly illuminated environments.

Projector Lamp Experts Europe Glossary - Beamer lamp terms starting with U

UHE Beamer Lamps

A UHE beamer lamp is a type of metal halide beamer lamp that is known for consuming small amounts of electricity and operating at a very low temperature - up to half that of a normal halogen projector bulb. UHE lamp is a short form of Ultra High Efficiency beamer lamp. These Ultra High Efficiency beamer lamps effectively are able to reduce the weight and size of the beamer projector models which use them because the UHE beamer lamps themselves are smaller in size.

UHP Beamer Lamp

Philips Electronics trademarks and manufactures UHP beamer lamps. These are a kind of metal halide beamer lamp. UHP lamp is an abbreviation for Ultra High Performance projector lamp. While other types of metal halide lamp can occasionally experience a significant reduction in performance and shift in colour over time, Philips Electronics guarantees that its UHP beamer lamp bulbs will produce a nearly constant colour shift and beamer lamp performance with no hotspots over the entire life of the projector lamp.

UHB Beamer Lamp

A UHB beamer lamp is one of several types of metal halide projector lamp that is available to European projector owners. UHB lamp stands for Ultra High Brightness beamer lamp.

UHM Beamer Lamps

UHM beamer lamp modules are typically used in Panasonic projectors and are developed by the projector bulb manufacturing company Matsushita. These UHM beamer lamps are high capacity lamp modules.

Projector Lamp Experts Europe Glossary - Beamer lamp terms starting with V

VIP Beamer Lamps

Osram produces VIP beamer projector lamps, which are a type of metal halide beamer lamp. VIP is short for Video Projector lamp.

Projector Lamp Experts Europe Glossary - Beamer lamp terms starting with X

Xenon Beamer Lamps

Xenon beamer lamp modules are used in a minority of high end beamer projector models. The types of beamer projectors using Xenon lamps are, for example, those used large cinemas. Xenon projector lamps are suitable for this kind of application because they produce a stable and more natural colour of light. This means that projectors using Xenon beamer lamps are able to project vivid colours and true to life images.

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