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Projector Lamps Europe - The Constituent Parts of a Replacement Beamer Projector Lamp Module

Replacement projector lamp and beamer lamp modules are actually made up of several component lamp parts. It can be confusing trying to work out which projector lamp part is which, especially since some projector lamp resellers do not identify their products properly. There is sometimes confusion between what is meant by the terms projector lamp module, projector lamp, projector lamp burner and projector lamp bulb, and so Projector Lamp Experts Europe has put together this projector lamp advice section to assist European lamp shoppers with this kind of technical information when looking for a new replacement lamp module for their DLP or LCD projector model. The diagrams below, designed by Projector Lamp Experts Europe, should help you to easily identify the major components of an LCD or DLP projector lamp module.

Normally when someone refers simply to a "projector lamp" they are actually referring to a complete replacement projector lamp module. The main component parts of a complete replacement projector lamp module are the projector lamp burner (normally manufacturered by Philips, Ushio or Osram), the projector lamp reflectors, the projector lamp connectors and the projector lamp cage, also known as the projector lamp housing. The complete projector lamp module, shown in the diagram below, is an easy to replace spare part for your projector. Occasionaly, certain companies may not sell the complete lamp module, instead opting to sell just bare projector lamps, or projector lamp bulbs, which can cause frustration and confusion for European consumers.

A complete replacement projector lamp module

projector lamp burner

The projector lamp burner (also known as a High Intensity Discharge bulb, or simply projector lamp bulb) is the part of the replacment projector lamp module which actually produces the light that a projector uses to projector images.This projector lamp burner is fitted inside a projector lamp reflector which creates what is comonly known as a bare lamp (although these products are also commonly called projector bulbs as well, which can be confusing).

The bare lamp is inserted into the plastic projector lamp housing, or lamp cage, which has been designed especially for a specific model of LCD or DLP projector. The projector lamp connectors are then wired from the projector lamp housing to the bare the projector lamp, which enabled the projector's lamp ballast to supply the projector lamp with the power it needs to operate.

The key components of a replacement projector lamp module

The image below shows what a projector lamp cage or lamp housing looks like without the bare projector lamp inside.

Replacement Lamp Module Image

The projector lamp housing without a bare projector lamp installed

If you examine a bare projector lamp (also sometimes called a projector bulb) you can identify several unique components. There is the high intensity discharge bulb or burner, the front glass, and the projector lamp reflector. Sometimes bare projector lamps are sold to European lamp shoppers, which means that they must install the bare lamp into the projector lamp housing themselves. This can be dangerous and time consuming, and Projector Lamp Experts Europe does not recommend this practice. Projector Lamp Experts Europe sells only brand new, user replaceable complete projector lamp modules

The core components of a bare projector lamp

In the projector lamp burner (the High Intensity Discharge bulb), light is created when an electrical discharge from the projector lamp ballast between the two projector burner electrodes excites metal halide atoms, causing them to glow.

For more questions on projector lamp module construction you can give Projector Lamp Experts Europe a call at (+31) 85 888 0135.


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