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The five main manufacturers of replacement beamer lamp bulbs

There are five major makers of the projector bulbs found inside replacement projector lamp modules (for more information about how a projector lamp module is constructed check out the Projector Lamp Experts Europe lamp information section on how a projector lamp is made). Two of the largest projector bulb manufacturers (Philips and Osram) are based in Europe, while the others are based in Asia and North America.

Osram beamer projector lamp bulbs

Osram Sylvania Inc. is the North American arm of the large lighting manufacturer Osram GmbH, which is owned by Siemens AG, based in Germany. Osram Sylvania itself is based in Danvers, Massachusetts and makes incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and high intensity discharge lamps at several manufacturing plants throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. It's projector lamps are high pressure mercury lamps called P-VIP lamps, which stands for Premium Video projector lamps. Osram Sylvania specializes in the sale, marketing and distribution of these projector lamp products throughout the world to retail, commercial and industrial customers, and also to original equipment manufacturers of projector lamps (OEM lamp manufacturers). Osram Sylvania states that it manufactures and offers for sale one of the most complete product offerings of projector lamp bulbs in the audio visual market.  These replacement projector lamp bulbs are used for front projector systems, slide projectors, overhead projection equipment and photo finishing equipment, and are ideal for projection purposes due to the spectrum of mercury in these lamps that is altered by the high operating pressure, resulting in a dense, multi-line spectrum.  Furthermore, Osram P-VIP projector bulbs result in a high luminance output which is an essential characteristic for efficient use in projection devices. P-VIP projector lamps have a long operating life time and a low loss of luminous flux during that life span.

Philips beamer projector lamp bulbs

Philips Digital Projection Lighting is a projector bulb manufacturer based in the Netherlands, which handles  three different types of projector lighting segments - front projection, rear projection and personal projection. Philips Digital Projection lighting manufactures a type of metal halide lamp called an Ultra High Performance projector lamp, abbreviated to UHP lamp. Philips describes itself as one of the founders and market leaders in projection lighting technology with its UHP lamp systems, and supplies around two hundred and fifty different projector lamp system combinations to key OEM projector lamp makers such as NEC, Sony, Samsung and Infocus. Philips Digital Projection Lighting maintains that its UHP lamp is the ideal light source for a front projector or a rear projection television application because UHP lamps have an extremely high light output when in a micro display projector environment. UHP lamps are known for their very long operating life coupled with a low loss of lumens during that amount of time. Ultra High Performance projector lamp modules operate at very high temperatures (reportedly even hotter than the sun) and also under very high pressures of around 200-250 bar.

Ushio beamer projector lamp bulbs

Ushio Inc. is a Tokyo based projector lamp manufacturing company that is a leading manufacturer and distributor of lighting products and associated services. Ushio now carries over thirty five hundred general lighting and specialty lighting products. The projector lamp bulbs that Ushio manufactures are called NSH projector lamps, which stands for New Short Arc High Pressure projector lamp. An NSH projector lamp is made from a type of crystalline glass which helps these projector lamps to produce a consistent brightness level during the operation of the projector. These highly efficient and compact NSH and metal halide lamps can be used in a wide range of front projection devices and rear projection machines. Ushio also manufactures short-arc xenon lamps which are mainly used in larger projector systems, for example those used in cinemas and theatres. Ushio also uses its projector lamp technology to produce large water cooled xenon lamps which produce an extremely high light output. These types of lamps are usually used in giant screen entertainment systems. Each of these Ushio projector lamp products are supported by a combination of Ushio's innovative projector lamp technologies which work to give a more compact design of projector lamp through a shorter arc distance.

Phoenix beamer projector lamp bulbs

Phoenix is a projector bulb manufacturing company that focuses on making highly efficient projector bulbs for LCD and DLP projectors. Phoenix makes two kinds of projector lamps for LCD and DLP projectors - High Pressure Mercury lamps and Short Arc Metal Halide Lamps. Phoenix's High Pressure Mercury lamp needs advanced lamp technology in order to allow this type of projector lamp to work at very high pressures. From August 2000, Phoenix has been developing its new kind of projector lamp - the Super High Pressure Mercury Lamp.

Iwasaki beamer projector lamp bulbs

Iwasaki Electric Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of projector lamp bulbs based in Japan that focuses on the projector lamp lighting fields of home theatre projection and business presentation projection. Iwasaki Electric has been improving lighting and lighting applications throughout the world for over sixty years, providing specific lighting solutions for a variety of applications in nearly every lighting situation.  Iwasaki Electric's corporate philosophy is to employ lighting technology to create a comfortable society and sustainable environment, concentrating on quality and value in the projector lamp bulbs they make. To this end, Iwasaki is committed to developing compact sized, high performance front end projection lamp bulbs and rear projection television lamp bulbs for consumers in European markets.


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