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Projector Lamp Experts Europe – expert advice on projector lamps and beamer lamps for projector lamp shoppers in Europe

This part of the Projector Lamp Experts Europe online lamps store is dedicated to keeping beamer lamp and projector lamp shoppers in Europe up to date with the latest and most accurate information and advice about projector lamps, beamer lamps and projector bulbs. If you own a beamer projector, you will most likely be aware that the lamp and bulb inside your projector will need to be replaced approximately every two thousand hours or so. Remember that this time scale is just a guideline since the actual number of hours your projector or beamer lamp lasts for will depend on a variety of factors. Things like clogged up projector filters and exposing the lamp and bulb to very high or very low temperatures can reduce lamp operating time. For tips on increasing the amount of time that your projector lamp or beamer lamp lasts for, see the section below on lamp life. Eventually however, even if precautions are taken to extend the life of your beamer lamp, the lamp and bulb will need to be replaced during the projector’s life time. Since replacement beamer lamps and projector lamps can be expensive, Projector Lamp Experts Europe has put together this advice section to provide our European customers with a wide range of useful lamp information on almost every topic related to replacement projector lamps and beamer lamps.

European Specialists on Replacement Projector Lamps and Beamer Lamps

LCD and DLP projectors have been available in the European Union for some time now, and Projector Lamp Experts Europe and its group of companies has been there since the beginning, supplying hundreds of thousands of replacement lamps for these beamer projectors both to individual customers and businesses alike. With over twenty years of experience and expertise in the projector lamp business, no one knows more about projector lamp technology than Projector Lamp Experts Europe, and this projector lamps advice section has been compiled by specialist lamp technicians who have encountered and answered almost every kind of question about lamps there is.

Useful, informative advice on projector lamps for European lamp shoppers

To the left of this section you can find links to various parts of the Projector Lamp Experts Europe lamp advice area, which contains information on different topics relating to projector lamps and beamer lamps. These sections include the history of beamer lamps and the science behind them, guidelines on compatible or copy beamer lamps and bulbs, Below, each of these projector lamp advice links is listed with a short summary describing each one. If you should have any other questions about projector lamps or if you need more information on a particular projector lamp topic that is not covered in the lamp advice sections below, please feel free to give Projector Lamp Experts Europe a call at (+31) 85 888 0135 and a lamp sales representative will be happy to offer you further information or lamp advice.

The technology that makes replacement projector lamps work

Beamer projector lamps are known more technically as high intensity discharge lamps. This Projector Lamp Experts Europe advice section explains the technology behind these types of replacement lamps and how they work, as well as how this projector lamp technology was invented. This lamp advice section also gives an insight into why replacement lamps for beamer projectors can be expensive items to purchase.

Diagrams showing the construction of a replacement beamer projector lamp module

Beamer projector lamps are precisely engineered electrical parts which allow your LCD projector or DLP projector to project an image. Every replacement projector lamp module is made from several components including the projector lamp housing, a projector bulb and projector lamp reflectors. This section of the Projector Lamp Experts Europe advice area contains detailed labeled diagrams for each projector lamp component and shows how they all fit together to produce a bright, working projector lamp.

Information about the primary manufacturers of replacement beamer projector lamp bulbs

As you may have seen in the Projector Lamp Experts Europe lamp advice section on the construction of a replacement beamer projector lamp, the main component of the beamer lamp which actually produces the projector's light is called the beamer projector bulb. These projector bulbs are only made by a small number of lighting manufacturers around the world. The two largest projector bulb manufacturers are called Osram and Philips, and this projector lamp advice section gives an overview of these two companies plus a selection of other projector bulb manufacturers.

Advice for European beamer projector owners on how to increase the amount of time their lamp lasts for

A key concern for any European business or individual that owns one or multiple LCD or DLP beamer projectors is how to maximise the amount of time that their beamer lamp or projector bulb lasts for. This is probably the number one question that is asked by European projector owners, and understandably so, since replacing the lamp and bulb inside a DLP or LCD projector can be an expensive proposition. This section of the Projector Lamp Experts Europe lamp advice area should give you all the tips you need to make sure you take the actions and precautions necessary to get the very most out of the lamp inside your beamer projector.

Help for European beamer projector owners on installing a new replacement lamp in their machine

Have you purchased a new replacement projector lamp and are wondering how exactly you should go about installing this lamp module inside your LCD or DLP beamer projector? This Projector Lamp Experts Europe advice section offers some handy hints for European projector owners on how to do so. Replacing a beamer projector's lamp is generally a straightforward process, but this guide, organized by projector manufacturer, should help you in case you come across any difficulties when installing your lamp.

Advice about compatible beamer projector lamps, copy beamer projector lamps, original beamer projector lamps and Original Alternative beamer projector lamps

There are several varieties of replacement beamer projector lamps available in the European market place, differing widely in quality and price. Sometimes the differences between these different types of lamp can become confusing, especially when replacement beamer projector lamp suppliers do not explain the differences between the products they sell properly. This Projector Lamp Experts Europe advice section gives a thorough overview of each type of replacement lamp, including original projector lamps and Original Alternative projector lamps, right through to compatible beamer projector lamps and grey market copy beamer projector lamps. After reading this section you should be able to make a more informed decision when buying a replacement lamp for your DLP or LCD beamer projector, and know to avoid low quality copy and compatible lamps.

Useful advice for European lamp shoppers when purchasing replacement beamer projector lamps on the internet

After reading the Projector Lamp Experts Europe advice section on the different types of replacement projector lamps that are sold in the European marketplace, you may find yourself wondering what you should look for when shopping for a replacement lamp - especially when you are doing your shopping on the internet. This section of the Projector Lamp Experts Europe lamp advice area will give you a better understanding of how to avoid risky projector lamp replacement option such as bare beamer projector bulbs (bulb only products), compatible beamer projector lamps or copy beamer projector lamps, and also how to spot suspicious packaging and labeling of beamer projector lamps and bulbs.

Beware of refurbished beamer projector lamps and projector bulbs

Refurbishing the projector lamp inside your DLP or LCD projector is a risky practice and therefore one which is not recommended by Projector Lamp Experts Europe. Although on the surface it may seem like a more cost effective way to replace your beamer projector's lamp module, there are risks and dangers involved with doing this which this section of the Projector Lamp Experts Europe lamp advice area should help you to understand.

The Projector Lamp Experts Europe beamer lamp glossary / dictionary

This glossary of common and not so common projector lamp, beamer lamp and projector bulb terms and phrases is a useful reference section for looking up anything to do with projector lamps and projector bulbs and the technology behind them. This lamp glossary is in alphabetical order from projector lamp terms beginning with A to projector and beamer lamp terms beginning with Z.


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