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Projector Lamp Module Recycling is Free of Charge with Projector Lamp Experts Europe

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Projector Lamp Experts Europe is dedicated to the proper disposal and recycling of used projector lamp modules. Used projector lamp modules may contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment, and so they should not be disposed of with regular waste. When you buy your new replacement projector lamp module from Projector Lamp Experts Europe, we ask that you consider disposing of your old beamer lamp by taking advantage of our free environmentally friendly projector lamp recycling service which is available for European residents that buy their lamps from us.

The free recycling service from Projector Lamp Experts Europe lets European residents that have purchased a lamp from Projector Lamp Experts Europe send their unwanted, used beamer lamps in their original projector lamp boxes back to us. When Projector Lamp Experts Europe receives the old and used projector lamps they will be taken to a proper recycling facility and recycled free of charge, according to European Union lamp recycling standards.

When you are removing your old DLP or LCD beamer lamp module in order to send it back to Projector Lamp Experts for recycling, take care, since the projector lamp can contain chemicals such as mercury gas that are hazardous to your health. You should try not to damage the projector lamp bulb when you are removing the lamp from the projector, and make sure to handle the new lamp that you are installing with care.

Projector Lamp Experts Europe has found this free projector lamp and projector bulb recycling service to be extremely popular with European beamer lamp customers, largely due to stringent European policies on the disposal of electrical goods and growing concern amongst consumers over how these kinds of products can be recycled safely. If you have purchased a new replacement LCD or DLP beamer lamp module from Projector Lamp Experts Europe and you wish to send back your old projector lamp module to Projector Lamp Experts Europe to be recycled safely, please return the old projector lamp module to the European address below:

Projector Lamp Experts Europe
Cessnalaan 45
The Netherlands

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