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Guaranteed - The Lowest Beamer Lamp Prices In Europe

Projector Lamp Experts Europe is committed to providing the lowest prices for projector lamps and beamers lamps in the whole of the European Union. If you are shopping online for a beamer lamp or projector bulb and have found the lamp you need on another European projector lamps website advertised for a lower price than Projector Lamp Experts Europe, please spend a moment filling out the projector lamp price guarantee form below. A Projector Lamp Experts Europe representative will contact you soon after we receive your completed form by email in order to process your projector lamp order at the new lower lamp price that you have found.

A note on the Projector Lamp Experts Europe price guarantee

There are a small number of restrictions on the beamer lamp prices that Projector Lamp Experts Europe is able to match. We are unfortunately not able to match and beat projector lamp prices that are being advertised by beamer lamp companies that supply bare projector lamps or bare projector bulbs. These are the kind of projector lamps that come without the black plastic lamp housing, also called the projector lamp cage. This lamp price guarantee restriction is due to the fact that since the manufacturers of projectors do not generally allow their replacement projector lamps to be offered to customers without this projector lamp housing, the quality and authenticity of any replacement beamer lamps being supplied by a lamp supplier that sells bare projector bulbs could be called into question. Comparing these products to the top quality, brand new beamer lamps sold by Projector Lamp Experts Europe would therefore not be fair.

Projector Lamp Experts Europe has also found that there are a small number of online European projector lamp retailers that have unfortunately decided to deliberately mislead lamp shoppers by selling a compatible projector lamp or copy lamp in place of a genuine original projector lamp module. Occasionally, lamp boxes are relabeled, or the box is changed altogether to facilitate this practice. This means that some projector lamp shoppers in Europe may pay higher prices for inferior lamp products, and so Projector Lamp Experts Europe has put together a guide to help European customers keep up to date and aware when they are buying a new replacement lamp for their LCD or DLP projector.

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